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Working in original composition, through stream of consciousness experience in a flow states, Jessica Waters (Anishinaabe/European), performing as Magnetic Wind, Jess12Crows and Mesawzee (after her great, great, great grandmother) employs soft synths, melodies along with pianos, world percussion, luscious voice effects, field recordings, beats  and experimentation with organic instrumentation to create arrangements with a cinematic depth. She has been featured on public, college and internet radio around the world.  Jess has been involved in music since she could talk, studying, singing, composing and creating.  She has studied music formally at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Park College in Kansas City as well as art at KCAI and Goddard  College where she earned a certificate of fine art (mixed media) and her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts.  

 She started out creating music and watching her families lineage of artists create realistic images that were intimidating. She loved art, but knew nothing growing up of abstract, expressionistic, or process art, except that when she sat down at the piano, she loved just playing random arpeggiated melodies intuitively. It was her survival guide, creating music and later in life she would end up taking her teaching degree and teaching art in the classroom. She spent over 20 years doing that and exploring both fine art education and expressive, interdisciplinary art creating her paradigms that had not been created yet and falling in love with expressive arts therapy and the transpersonal creative expression process. 50 years after first singing to Diana Ross in her bedroom to her doll collection, she continues to create luscious vocals inspired by the stylings of Lisa Gerrard, Enya and Lorreana McKennett along with utilizing electronics, samples (and creating her own), and acoustic instruments such as the Sruiti box, harmonium, electric slide guitar, various percussions and world instruments such as an Eru.  Her habit is to purposefully play the instruments in a way that is not traditional often bowing Tibetan bowls or using kitchen utensils to make random sounds in her experimental work.   Of note, she sang with UMKC's Jazz Choir Connect Too!, the Park Avenue UMC church's gospel choice (Prince's church in Minneapolis) where she met and was directed by the Steele Family Singers and producers JD and Frank Steele, whose voices and music are an essential part of the Minnesota sound.   It was in pursuing her MFA that she evolved into working with acapella voice and multiple layers of reverberation to create haunting yet beautiful vocal harmonies and  later would release her inaugural album, Believe after the tragic death of her brother and loss soon after, of her beloved aunt.   The title track from Believe was chosen for several different honors including to be the theme song for different nonprofit organizations fundraising and missions.   

Between 2009 and 2014 Jessica would release 23 digital and 8 print albums on various labels and through her own label Divine Alchemy and Magnetic 5280.  Other labels she has released from are Rain, Endless Ascent and Free Floating.   She is noted for being in the top 30 for various flavors of ambient and drone musical styles on SomaFM.  Select songs from her album Voices of My Ancestors, detailing the ancestral trek of her family lineage were licensed for the film short, The Cabin.  

In the interim, Jessica engulfed herself in art focusing on contemplative photography, mixed media painting, sculpting and within the last couple of years fibers.  She was a public school art teacher for 22 years before moving fulltime into mental healthcare.   Her art and music making have always come from a stream of consciousness, flow state.  During the pandemic, Jessica noticed figures showing up in her work that were unconscious and that carried messages.  Within these images, both abstract, minimal and somewhat realistic, and through spiritual evolution working with psychic mentors, Native elders and Shaman she came into the understanding of her gifts and her work as message.  

She also specializes in Therapeutic, Shamanic, Contemplative and Intuitive Art. She is also an Expressive Art Facilitator, Therapist and Coach and is in study in the native medicine of Curanderismo (Espiritu), White Bison Wellbriety, animism with Dr. Daniel For, Grandmother Flor De Mayo and Erica Beaunaflor.  She is dedicated to the study of the work of Joseph Rael currently and the transcendentalist  components and spiritual practices of artists, noting their therapeutic expression and content.  She is available for commissions, including channeled and spirit guide paintings for individuals. Her complete credentials can be found here. She is an active, avid believer in walking your talk and making providing healing services to the global community with the intention of creating a better world, one person at a time and just being a good human.

"Art as expression and spiritual practice is what I engage in. Since 2000 I have taught art, music, poetry and movement to children and adults through the use of expressive arts education. I have also used it as therapy for process oriented healing of my own traumatic experiences and have worked with individuals for spiritual and personal growth, therapeutic arts coaching, and creative exploration for the past 20 years incorporating mindfulness practices with expressive and therapeutic arts practice.

I am heavily influenced by the work of the Abstract Expressionists, The Transcendentalist Painting Group, contemporary artists, mindful art processes, intuitive art making in a flow state as well as stream of consciousness creation with contemplative and spiritual practice. Being an explorer on a great, vast, exciting adventure through as many materials I could find. I'm still an art supply explorer with everything from high end to found objects in the yard. Though all this my belief that expressing yourself should be accessible to all, experience or not and your art is never "wrong"."

Jessica holds a Phd in Transpersonal Counseling/Psychology, multiple credentials and certifications in mental health, wellness and coaching in addition to her musical and artistic studies.  She is an E-RYT200/500 and is the Executive Director of The Center for Therapeutic Expressive Arts, a 501c3 nonprofit offering homeless warm kits and low cost mental wellness services as well as Sacred Pathways Therapeutic Arts, LLC, her integrated mental wellness practice.


Jessica 12Crow Waters, PhD, CRADC, MARS, ADDC, RMAT, CCTP, CGCS, CMHIMP,E-RYT200/500, AYT, Therapeutic and Shamanic Expressive Arts Specialist

Dr. Waters, Jessica or Jess has spent her entire life, over 50 years, in study with the arts, psychology, education and healing. She has numerous degrees, specializations, certifications and credentials in grief, trauma, addictions, anxiety, integrated therapies, Curanderismo, wellness and coaching as well a yoga. Her full bio is here.  Clinically, she is a credentialed and registered psychotherapist, substance abuse counseling, expressive arts therapist and Registered Mindful and Meditative Arts Therapist. She has worked in education and human services for over 35 years and in substance recovery both as a peer specialist and substance use counselor for 8. Her Ph.D. is in Psychology and Transpersonal Counseling, with a Doctor of Ministry in Holistic Counseling Ministry and Spiritual Healing. She is an ordained minister and New Thought Practitioner, and Metaphysical Interfaith Reverend. She has also been an elder in the United Church of Christ, and has practiced, celebrated and studied multiple faith traditions and spiritual practices throughout the world. She is a certified clinical trauma professional, a certified mental health integrated medicine provider and possesses a lifetime of clinical, leadership, holistic health and arts certifications, degrees and post graduate certificate awards. She was honored by President George W Bush in 2006 with the President's Volunteer Service Award for work with women and children.

Her training, certifications, and academic work includes:

Jessica has recently completed her Deathwalker, End of Life and Mourning Doula Certification so she can work more effectively with individuals and families experienceing the palliative care process as well as processing, creating ceremony and utilizing expressive arts for the grieving and end of life process.

Jessica is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Therapeutic Expressive Arts, an active artist and composer and integrative psychotherapist and coach and the owner of Sacred Pathways Therapeutic Arts, LLC.

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