Original Art and Composition from  Channeled, Flow States of Connected Consciousness

by Jessica Windy Crow Waters

Channeled. Intuituve.  Interdisciplinary Art.

Abstract, expressive, meditative and stream of consciousness art and original music channeled from Jessica Windy Crow Waters (Anishinaabe/European).

Jessica grew up in the middle of  cow country outside Kansas City, born with art and music epigenetics in her family lineage.  Music was her first love and in her half a century of years, she's created over 23 different albums and been played on internet, public and small radio stations around the world.  Her love for art came when she was introduced to process and expressive artmaking.  There, in her timid youth, she could find expression without voice and hyperfocus on color and movement as "the paint has it's own mind.... it knows where it wants to go."   As there's nothing by chance, she believes, the Universe provided her with the opportunity to teach both art and music in 2000 outside Denver just after Columbine.  With a lifetime of trauma, she had found solace in paying arpeggios on the piano downstairs in the basement of her house and sang hymns to her stuffed animals at night before she went to sleep to assure safe passage through the subconscious.   She learned early that dreams were messages and the "Clairs" were alive and well, but as must of us do, she was unsure metaphysical and energetic realms were real.  Connecting on a quest for God and moreso, spirit, she found deep connection through the arts, making it her spiritual practice.  Through contemplative, deep connection, she  follows the direction of the inner workings of the messages that are delivered through the spirit world to her, often now consciously knowing what will be revealed, but simply, trusting the process.  She became a art and music teacher, settling in to teach art for over 2 decades and pursing expressive art therapy, healing arts and creative expression education at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology  (now Sofia University), the Kansas City Art Institute, Smithsonian Scholars,  Goddard College's MFA-IA program and museums around the world.  She creates interdisciplinary art through mixed genre's, methods and media as well as composes her own soundtracks, ambient, meditation and experimental sound.  She dreams of installation work that combines her original compositions, live voice and spoken word poetry with her visual art.

Her work can be gentle, powerful, shocking, healing and everything in between.  She does not fit into any box except... Interdisciplinary and Intuitive.   

Meditative, Therapeutic and Channeled 

Wood, Fiber, Found Objects on Originally Designed Fabric

Mindful Affirmation Art

Therapeutic Collage, Logo Creation and Content Creation

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Medicine Circles, Healing Cloth's, Affirmation Art &  Empowerment Portraits