Arts Based Trauma and Resiliency Coach,

Client Centered Therapeutic Art Life Coaching/Counseling, Behavior Health and Integrative Medicine Consultant

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Jessica Waters, M.A.,R.P., MPS.


ADHD-Certified Clinical Service Provider  

ADHD Certified Educator

Co-occuring Disorders FIT Certified (Hazeldon)

Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Certified

Healing Through Art Trainer

Healing Through Art for Palliative Care Certified Trainer

Health in Arts Certified Trainer

Registered Psychotherapist (CO)

Missouri Prevention Specialist

Missouri Associate Alcohol and Drug Counselor-2 (P)

MO PLPC (anticipated summer 2020)

I see mental health challenges not as mental illness, but from a  mental wellness approach.   I believe in a strengths based approach focusing on creating positive wellness and coping strategies for healing and life's journey through utilization of the arts, behavioral nutrition, holistic practices and client center therapeutic approaches.   I specialize in assisting individuals who struggle with trauma recovery, substance abuse recovery, anxiety and depression, grief and chronic pain issues, self regulation issues and behavior consultations with parents and teachers.  I provide workshops throughout the Midwest on social emotional learning in the arts, teacher self care, trauma basics, stress management and specific behavioral strategies (ADHD, explosive child, ODD/CD, anger management).  All of the approaches I use, I have lived and used myself in my own recovery or as a teacher.  


Almost three decades ago I was introduced to trauma through my own personal experiences.  As a teacher, I experienced trauma in the classroom in my students, through school violence situations and personal attacks.  All these things propelled me to learn about trauma and it's impact on adults and children.  Instead of learning more about pedagogy in education I learned about neurobiology, trauma response and how the creative and expressive arts assisted in trauma processing and resiliency development.  Throughout this time, I began to develop and explore mindfulness practices in a variety of cultures and methods and spent time studying transpersonal psychology through the then named, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA (now Sofia University).  For nearly 30 years, I've explored, learned and practiced mindfulness techniques, therapeutic arts based techniques and developed an art based spiritual practice.  I added Mental Health Integrated Medicine in 2018, focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes to my practice as a method to enhance mood, control anxiety and improve my general health specifically with pain management from a neurological disease. 


I offer a client centered, multimodal, eclectic coaching and treatment style that utilizes a variety of elements from therapeutic methods including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, DBT, motivational interviewing, CBT, TF-CBT, FFT, sound, color, nutrition, transpersonal and expressive arts therapies.  Coaching and treatment is tailored to you.  You are not a one size fits all being.  Whether you just need assistance developing a self care plan or are struggling with addictions, I look at the entirety of you as a person and formulate a plan with you that can help you navigate your healing and wellness progress.  

Sliding Scale Available.

Specialization Certificates

CAIMHP-Certified Addictions Informed Mental Health Provider

CCTP 1 & 2 - Certified Clinical Trauma Provider and Complex Trauma Provider


CTSS -Certified Trauma Support Specialist


CTP - Certified Trauma 

CATP - Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional

CCFP - Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional

CCATP-CA - Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

AMTP - Anger Management Treatment Professional

ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider

ADHD - Certified Educator

CMHIMP - Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Provider

Certificate in Positive Psychology-University of Pennsylvania


Certificate of Social Emotional Learning University of Colorado- Boulder


Cal State University Institute of Palliative Care-Healing Through Art for Palliative Care- Train the Trainer


Certificate in Arts in Health - Arts in Health Institute

Certification-Trauma Informed Care Expressive Arts Therapy

Certificates in Trauma Informed Care for Organization, Clinical Foundations of Trauma Informed Care, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and Mindfulness-University at Buffalo-SUNY

Certification in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching- Transformation Academy

Certificate of Transpersonal Studies: Creative Expression-Sofia University

Certificate in Fine Art-Kansas City Art Institute

M.F.A. Studies-Goddard College

M.A. Psychology-Regis University

B.S.Ed. -University of Saint Mary

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