These are my newest notecards, posters and postcards available only on this site for a super low price.  You can order a set that is already created (scroll to the bottom to see) or individual cards.  You can also mix and match.  All cards are 2.50 plus shipping and handling.  Post cards are 1.00 and Posters are 10.00.  If you see a piece of art on my site that I do not have a card or poster offered for and you would like it, just contact me and see if we can get it for you.  There is no limit to how many you purchase.  Shipping is flat rate up to 70 cards, Continental United States, Canada and Mexico only.  Shipping speed varies on what option you choose.  Production time for orders larger than 5 cards is approximately 7-10 days (+ shipping time).

The Summer 2019 Collection consists of the:

Love Set

Empowerment Set

Universal Wisdom Set

Inspiration Set

Grief Set

Postcards Set

All images are my original creation and from my original paintings, photography and mixed media work.  The originals ARE for sale as well starting at 50.00.  Contact me to get pricing on my original mixed media abstracts.

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