Art Gives Voice To What We Cannot Speak.  Music Is What Feelings Sound Like.

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Music.Music vibrates frequencies that we measure in the wave forms, butthat we also can feel resonating deep within our cells... our hearts...our souls.831. 8 letters. 3 words. 1 meaning.i. love. you.
This album was created in awe, with love, amidst, heartache, sorrow, visioning in connection with the spirit, realization and ultimately healing. It was created with the whispers of the angels who reminded me that in their angel numbers 831 has more messages to it. It encourages self-reliance. This number urges you to stand on your feet, and to be loving, but to nurture your body, mind and spirit so you can be there with your special gift for others.It says, "take a breather from others". Create some silent spaces for yourself. The number 831 is also a sign of fresh beginnings. The heavens want you to know that you’ll soon know joy. It doesn’t matter the hardships you’ve gone through. This number lets you know that your past belongs to the past. Open your heart and mind to new experiences. This number comes to help you find a silver lining. Trust your spirit guides.
Before a Phoenix can rise from the ash, it must first burn...and in the rising there is freedom and newness. Within moments of inner silence under the stars and heavens light, the planets aligned and the owl brought it's message with the breeze wrapping itself round. Tenderness longed to share in the caress of a face, or the touch of a hand. Divine love encompasses all of these things. The crows, the angels, the guides, the energy of the Universe, the Divinity of the 3 in 1, God, all speak between worlds, letting go of one world and to be resurrected in bloom into another with infinite love, peace, happiness and everything our souls need. Your angels and the Ascended Masters want to foster growth through 831. They want you to know that you’re headed on the right path. 
8=infinity3=three in one1=unity and Divine Love
This album is universal. It speaks of the universal, magnetic, abundant and mystical energy that is Sacred and can flow through all of us when we connect with spirit and let our hearts lead. It's when we become shrouded in the castle walls of the protected heart where we can't feel, or heal, or hear anything but our fear or sorrow. This album is a resurrection. Not only a resurrection, shaking dry bones of my dead musical self, but the bones of life after COVID, the bones of a relationship that was hit by a cyclone, a resurrection of a new path and healing. The angels have been with me always, but they have spoken and found for me so loudly in every direction. Thought music, the vibratory sounds of magic have not only helped me release a million tears that fell like rain, but have allowed me to heal in new ways and find my voice, one more time.

Inspired by the poetry of Persian poet Rumi, as translated by Coleman Banks.

Space drift within the magic of the Universe.

A collection of Jess's work focusing on Love.

Things shift and change in life, just as the wheel of a kaleidoscope, creating new shapes and images.

Released on 11/11/11 in honor of the Sacred Number sequence.

A collection of Jess's works perfect for sleep.

Jess's first ambient album... drift through space and explore.

Ambient love songs.

Jess's inaugural album 2009, remastered in 2012.

Bhakti: Ahem Prema

Of Great Devotion, I AM Divine Love

Toning Your Chakras

Tracing her lineage from Ste. Sault Marie, MI through the plains, in honor of those that have gone before.

Your favorite hymns on ambient.

Christmas comes... a time for heavenly peace.

Ambient explorations.

27 Minute Soundtrack for Life.

Original piano compositions reflecting longing and reflection.

Processing the horror of trauma.

Noise & Triggering Sounds

Reflecting turmoil after heartbreak in life.

Electronic and field recordings create this tribute to the magical moon event.

Almost all of her music is streamable on all the major streaming services and youTube.  You can also stream and purchase most of her discography at her Bandcamp page.  She has performed under the names Jessica Waters, Jess12Crows, Mesawzee and Wen'Deya and has recorded back up with gospel, rock and goth bands in her career.  Her singer-songwriter album, Broken Clouds and Silver Linings is no longer available for purchase at this time.  She has a new album in development called Songs to the Creator.