Current Gallery Exhibits 2023:

Showing in April 2023

Art of Possibilities , Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute,

Minneapolis, MN

"This series of of 4 works represents my healing journey with PTSD  stemming from multiple traumatic experiences in my life and the emotional and physical struggle with chronic disease."

Burst, Mixed Media on Paper


Finding Self, Mixed Media on Canvas


All The Women I've Been, Mixed Media on Paper 


I'm the Medicine, Mixed Media  on Paper


Jess's work has been featured at the following galleries and shows prior:

Mosiac Life Center Galleries - St Joseph

Jones Gallery - Crossroads Art District Kansas City

Paper Birch Landing - North Kansas City

Prairie Village City and County R. G. Endres Gallery, Art of Photography  

Le Galariste Clothing Line - Montreal

Colorado State Art Educators Association

Pirate Gallery - Denver

Kansas Art Educators Association

Goddard Collage - Vermont

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology - Santa Fe

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology - Palo Alto

Denver Art Students League - Denver